CEO, Don Stump, Discusses Impact and Challenges on "Live Local, Give Local" Podcast

"From Transportation to Transformation," Lifeline CEO Speaks on Local Podcast

In this enlightening episode of "Live Local, Give Local," by San Diego Gives we are thrilled to share a captivating conversation featuring our CEO, Don Stump, alongside host Dave Mason and co-host David Drazenovich. In the podcast, we delve into the transformative journey and remarkable impact of Lifeline Community Services.

Listen to the full podcast HERE!

Lifeline Community Services has continuously evolved since its establishment in 1969 as a drop-in center for struggling youth grappling with drug addiction. Today, we have expanded our range of services to encompass youth development, juvenile delinquency prevention, gang intervention programs, and more. Lifeline is proud to be an indispensable part of the Southern California community.

During this engaging discussion, Don sheds light on the challenges we face, notably the soaring cost of living and homelessness in our region. To sustain our vital work, we rely on financial resources from government grants, contracts, and passionate fundraising efforts. Don emphasizes the significance of educating donors about our complex social issues and the need for sustained support to drive meaningful and lasting change.

We are particularly grateful for the impactful role played by San Diego Gives in amplifying our organization's work and engaging the public. Don passionately shares how San Diego Gives has uplifted nonprofits, providing a platform for board members and staff to support their respective organizations and foster strong community connections actively.

To learn more about the diverse range of services we offer at Lifeline Community Services, we invite you to visit our services page. Join us in supporting our mission and becoming a catalyst for positive change in Southern California. Donate Now!