Gift of Stock

Stock and other marketable securities can be donated directly from brokerage accounts to Lifeline Community Services, federal tax identification number 95-2794253.

Lifeline Community Services will immediately sell the donated security resulting in a cash donation without tax liabilities, as Lifeline is a nonprofit organization.

You, the donor, receive a charitable tax statement equal to the market value of the security on the day it is donated (rather than sell the stock and incur capital gains taxes).

Please contact us regarding your donation – the donor’s name, gift date, issue, and number of shares – so that we can acknowledge donations properly.

Megan Callen
Lifeline Community Services
760-726-4900 and enter 4

Account Information: For the convenience of transferring donations of securities, Lifeline Community Services holds a brokerage account where we accept Depository Trust Company (DTC) transfers of securities:

TD Ameritrade
DTC # 0188
Account # 496080115
Tel: (760) 602-5928

Lifeline Community Services is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. All gifts will support Lifeline’s mission of building self-reliance among youth, individuals, and families. For more information, email

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