Feb 15, 2024

Lifeline Celebrates Black History Month

This February, as we celebrate National Black History Month, Lifeline pays homage to the profound contributions and enduring spirit of African Americans. This observance is not only a reflection on the pivotal roles played in shaping our nation but also a reaffirmation of the inseparable ties between peace and freedom, and the transformative power of individual and collective action. The adversities of slavery and systemic denial of basic human rights have left indelible marks on the socioeconomic landscape for African Americans, creating echoes that resonate in today's struggles for justice and equality. These historical challenges, juxtaposed with contemporary social justice movements, underscore the continuity of a fight that is as vital today as it was generations ago. To honor the African American legacy and champion human rights fully, we must go beyond mere recognition. It calls for sincere self-examination, an earnest pursuit of knowledge, and dynamic participation. It compels us to deepen our understanding of the complex tapestry of African American history and its implications for the present and future. By recognizing the strength drawn from this rich heritage, we are inspired to take meaningful steps toward dismantling the persistent shadows of inequality. This month, Lifeline and our San Diego community comes together to celebrate the stories, triumphs, and resilience of African Americans - narratives that have not only forged our collective history but have also ignited change and inspired untold acts of bravery. As we delve into these narratives, we are reminded of the ongoing journey towards justice and equality, with awareness that the sentiment of honoring and recognizing African Americans extends beyond just one month and is reflected in our actions and attitudes year-round. Let us move forward with the courage to challenge the status quo, inspired by the fortitude of those who have fought for their dreams with tenacity and hope. Together, we can continue to weave a future that mirrors the ideals of justice, fairness, and freedom for all, making strides to address and eliminate the inequalities that persist in our communities. In this journey, we find the courage to confront, the resolve to heal, and the determination to build a more just society, propelled by the belief that the potential for change resides with us collectively - but begins first within each of us individually. Take action by supporting Black-owned businesses here, attend a local San Diego event, and learn more at lifelinecs.org/blogs/lifeline-celebrates-black-history-month.

Feb 14, 2024

Spreading Love to Lifeline Clients in Need this February

In the spirit of love and compassion this February, Lifeline is thrilled to share heartwarming stories of community collaboration and generosity. Our incredible partners, Exposure Skate and Marsh McLennan Agency, have played a pivotal role in spreading love to Lifeline clients in need. Exposure Skate's Skate Rising Event: Empowering Youth, Impacting Lives At Exposure Skate's recent "Skate Rising" event, the energy of youth empowerment was palpable. Enthusiastic young individuals crafted over 700 hygiene items, demonstrating their commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of their peers. These items, ranging from essential toothbrushes to personal care products, are now ready to bring comfort and care to Lifeline youth experiencing homelessness. Exposure Skate's dedication to service and the mission of empowering women, trans, and non-binary individuals shines brightly in this collaborative effort. Marsh McLennan Agency's Heartfelt Assembly for Lifeline Clients Meanwhile, employees at Marsh McLennan Agency came together with warmth and care to assemble vital kits for Lifeline clients in need. From essential toiletries to comforting blankets, socks, hats, and first aid kits, these thoughtful packages are designed to make a difference in the lives of youth and families facing homelessness. The gesture of spreading love through donating essentials, especially during the cold and rainy days, resonates deeply with the Lifeline mission. Grateful for Community Collaboration We are immensely grateful for the power of community collaboration, where individuals and organizations unite for a common cause. The combined efforts of Exposure Skate and Marsh McLennan Agency exemplify the spirit of compassion and generosity that defines Lifeline's mission. This February, as we celebrate love, let's also celebrate the love and care radiated by our community partners. Together, we continue to make a positive impact on the lives of those who need it most. Thank you, Exposure Skate and Marsh McLennan Agency, for spreading love to Lifeline clients in need and embodying the true essence of community support.

Jan 25, 2024

Come & Be Counted 2024 Point in Time Count

WE ALL COUNT Come & Be Counted for the 2024Point-In-Time Count on January 25 Are you 24 years old or younger? Are you experiencing homelessness or an unstable living situation? We will be conducting a brief survey. In appreciation for you time, you will receive a gift card! FREE food, drinks, and resources will be provided! Your story matters, and by being counted, you shape the future of funds allocated to tackle homelessness and housing instability. Locations: Lifeline's House Drop-In Center Location: 302 N Indiana Ave, Vista, CA 92084 Date-Time: January 25 - February 1, 2024 - 11 AM-4 PM Contact Info: Kristen Carvajal-Witek (760) 842-6360 FREE FOOD & DRINKS! The YMCA Youth & Family Services Copley-Price Family YMCA Location: 4300 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92105 Date-Time: Thursday, January 25 - 12:00 -4:00 PM Contact Info: (760) 300-9586 The YMCA Youth & Family Services TAY Center Escondido Location: 1050 N. Broadway, Escondido, CA 92026 Date-Time: Thursday, January 25 - 2:00 -6:00 PM Contact Info: (760) 908-9373 The YMCA Youth & Family Services TAY Center Oceanside Location: 215 Barnes St. Oceanside, CA 92054 Date-Time: Friday, January 26- 12:00 - 4:00 PM Contact Info: (760) 908-9647

Jan 17, 2024

You work. Let EITC work for you!

Lifeline's is an IRS approve volunteer site with Volunteer Income Tax Assistants ready to help individuals and families file their taxes for free this tax season. Don't miss out on returns you could be getting this year. Did you know that for more than 40 years, the Earned Income Tax Credit made life better for millions of workers? You may have extra money waiting for you. If you qualify and claim the credit, it could be as much as$7,430from the IRS for some workers. Don’t be the one in five that misses this credit. If you or someone you know earned less than$63,698from wages, running a business or farm or from Form 1099 MISC, check it out. It’s easy to find out if you qualify. Use theEITC Assistant, available late January, and answer questions about yourself and other family members to see if you qualify and estimate the amount of your credit. EITC eligibility depends on several factors, including income and family size. If you don’t have a qualifying child and earned under$17,640 ($24,210 married filing jointly), find out if you qualify for a smaller credit, worth as much as$600. Don't guess about EITC eligibility use theEITC Assistantto find out if you do qualify for EITC, And, see what othertax creditsare available. It’s easy to find free tax help to prepare and file your taxes, let Lifeline help or use the VITA locator tool onIRS.GOVto find a volunteer site near you. Or, you can prepare and e-file your own taxes with brand-name software using IRS’sFree File. Visithttps://irs.treasury.gov/freetaxprep/jsp/direction.jsp?id=26560&lng=-117.241823&lat=33.203452 for more information. Service Details: Tue 3:00PM to 7:00PM Appointment recommended. Schedule by calling 211 San Diego or visit go.oncehub.com/Lifeline. Walk-ins are first come, first served with no guarantee of service. Appointments have priority. Fri 12:00PM to 6:00PM ;Sat 10:00AM to 3:00PM Appointments will open on January 30th, 2024:ApptURL: go.oncehub.com/NorthCountyLifeline or call 211 San Diego

Jan 09, 2024

A Heartwarming Holiday Recap: Lifeline's Adopt-A-Family Program 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, Lifeline Community Services is filled with gratitude and warmth as we reflect on the remarkable success of our Annual Adopt-A-Family Program. This year's program has been a beacon of joy, bringing together our community to make the holiday season brighter for those in need. A Community United: In the true spirit of giving, 231 Lifeline families were adopted by the generosity of 166 local corporations, organizations, and families. The outpouring of support showcases the strength of our community and its commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others. Creating Magical Moments: A heartfelt thank you goes to MarshMcLennan Agency for transforming our Adopt-A-Family Donor Drop-Off Party into a magical wonderland. Their dedication to setting up holiday decorations created an enchanting environment that added an extra layer of joy to the gift drop-off experience. Volunteer Power: We also extend our gratitude to the Rotary Club of Carlsbad for their invaluable support. Their willingness to volunteer their Saturday to assist donors during the gift drop-off played a crucial role in the seamless execution of the program. By the Numbers: Families Adopted: 231 Individuals Impacted: 1,036 Generous Donors: 166 Total Value of Donations: $207,142 Making a Lasting Impact: Together, these numbers represent more than just statistics; they represent the collective efforts of a compassionate community dedicated to making a lasting impact on the lives of others. The $207,142 in donations demonstrates the tangible and significant difference that each donor has made in the lives of those less fortunate. A Heartfelt Thank You: To every donor, volunteer, and supporter of Lifeline Community Services, we extend our heartfelt thanks. Your kindness has created cherished memories and brought holiday cheer to families who needed it most. Looking Forward: As we reflect on this heartwarming journey, we look forward to continuing our mission of building self-reliance among youth, adults, and families in the coming year. The success of Adopt-A-Family 2023 inspires us to strive for even greater heights in serving our community. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Together, we've made the holiday season brighter for many, and we can't wait to see what the future holds.

Nov 20, 2023

Leadership Update: New CEO Announcement

Lifeline Community Services Welcome Lisette Islas as New CEO The Board of Directors of Lifeline Community Services is pleased to announce Lisette Islas as the new CEO, joining the organization on January 9, 2024. Lisette’s appointment marks a significant moment in our organization’s journey, bringing in a distinguished leader with over twenty-five years of experience in community and economic development. Currently, Lisette holds the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Impact Officer at MAAC, a nonprofit that has offered programs and services throughout San Diego County for nearly 60 years. In this role, she focuses on the intersection of economic inclusion and mobility, housing affordability, and access to quality early care and education. In addition to overseeing all programmatic activities, Lisette is responsible for increasing the visibility, reach, and outcomes of MAAC’s work, and facilitates the leadership development for staff, board members, and volunteers. Previously, Lisette was the Vice President of Community Engagement and Programs at the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation, where she focused on creating strategic partnerships as well as developing community- and capacity-building strategies. She also served as the Director of Learning and Programs at San Diego Grantmakers, where she developed programs and initiatives to increase the impact of philanthropy in San Diego. Board President Dr. Patricia Prado-Olmos served on the search committee that reached across California and vetted hundreds of applicants. Dr. Prado-Olmos expressed enthusiasm about the new appointment, “We are thrilled to welcome Lisette as the new CEO of Lifeline Community Services. Her wealth of experience and deep commitment to our mission resonates profoundly with our vision for the future. Lifeline’s Board of Directors conducted a thorough and rigorous search and is confident that Lisette’s vision, combined with the dedication of Lifeline staff and the support of our community, will lead Lifeline to even greater heights. As we embark on this new chapter, we express our gratitude to Don Stump for his outstanding leadership and dedication and wish him the best in his retirement.” After 16 years of dedicated service, Lifeline Community Services bids farewell to its esteemed CEO, Don Stump, as he retires at the end of 2023. Under Don’s guidance, Lifeline has flourished into a vital community resource, serving and connecting with over 25,000 individuals annually. “I am pleased to pass the baton to Lifeline’s new CEO, Lisette Islas, as the organization embarks on this exciting new chapter,” said Don Stump. “I have full confidence in Lisette to carry our culture and commitment to responding to emerging needs and serving the community with the highest integrity. She understands the mission and has the skills and relationships to lead Lifeline into the future, making an even greater impact throughout San Diego County.” Lisette shared “I am very excited to be joining the Lifeline family. I have deep respect for the depth and breadth of services Lifeline offers. Its impact over the past 50 years is commendable and I am eager to contribute to its legacy. I look forward to building on the traditions of collaboration, responsiveness, creativity, and trust. Together, we will continue to empower individuals, strengthen families, and make a lasting impact in our community.” Lisette graduated magna cum laude from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology and a minor in ethnic studies. She pursued her Masters studies in urban planning, with an emphasis on public policy, at the University of California, Los Angeles. Ms. Islas also has a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the Harvard University School of Business. For general questions, please email marketing@nclifeline.org. For press inquiries please email Brooke Stance at bstance@nclifeline.org or call 760-419-9836.

Sep 29, 2023

CEO Don Stump Awarded CEO of the Year by the SDBJ

Lifeline's CEO Don Stump has been recently honored as the CEO Executive of the Year for Large Non-Profits in San Diego by the prestigious San Diego Business Journal (SDBJ). This recognition comes as a testament to Don's unwavering dedication and exceptional leadership in the non-profit sector, spanning over 30 years. Don Stump's journey with Lifeline has been nothing short of inspiring. Over his 16 years of dedicated service, he has exemplified the values that our organization holds dea. Don's passion for making a positive impact in the community, coupled with his relentless drive to create meaningful change, has been the driving force behind Lifeline's success. This award not only celebrates Don's individual accomplishments but also highlights the collective efforts of our incredible team, board members, and community partners. it is a testament to the collaborative spirit that defines Lifeline Community Services. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the San Diego Business Journal for this recognition and for acknowledging the vital role nonprofits play in shaping a better future for all. Don Stump's legacy is not just about accolades; it is about the lives he has touched and the communities he has uplifted. his vision, dedication, and compassion have set a high standard for philanthropic leadership, inspiring us all to work tirelessly toward a more compassionate and inclusive world. As we celebrate this remarkable achievement and 50 years of providing services to the community; we renew our commitment to the mission that drives us: to be a lifeline for those in need, providing essential services and support to create a brighter, more hopeful tomorrow. We invite you to join us in congratulating Don Stump on this well-deserved honor and to continue supporting Lifeline Community Services as we strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Thank you for being part of our journey and for helping us build a stronger, more compassionate community together.

Sep 27, 2023

Adopt-A-Family 2023

Frequently Asked Questions Learn More about Lifeline's Annual Holiday Giving Tradition 1. What is Adopt-A-Family? Adopt-A-Family is a holiday giving program in North County San Diego designed to help low-income families who are Lifeline clients celebrate the holiday season by connecting them with local businesses, organizations, and individuals who “adopt” them. 2. How does it work? Complete the Adopt-A-Family interest form to get started. Lifeline will match you with a Lifeline family and provide you with a personalized list of the things they need most, as well as wish items for the holidays. Then, you deliver the gifts no later than December 9th, 2023to Lifeline’s Vista Campus. Please make sure to meet this deadline. Lifeline staff arranges the delivery of gifts. 3. How are families selected for Adopt-A-Family? All families who are adopted are Lifeline clients and are nominated by Lifeline staff for their hard work and dedication to becoming self-sufficient. This includes families who have experienced homelessness, youth who have aged out of foster care, youth participating in juvenile diversion programs, survivors of human trafficking, and others. These families are low income or face economic challenges on a daily basis. 4. How much does it cost to adopt a family? We encourage donors to provide at least two gifts per family member. Over the years, we have estimatedthat donors on average spend between $75-100 per individual. If you want to make your gift go as far as possible, please contact us. 5. Can I donate used items? All gifts and donations must be new. 6. Why is the family asking for electronics or other "luxury" itemsand not just basic needs? While we encourage families to focus on basic needs, we also ask them to think of a "special wish".Many of our families have never had the opportunity to wish for something some might consider a 'luxury' (for example, aniPhone, a tablet,or spa days, etc). Please don't be offended. Please let us know if you would like us to match you with a different family whose wants and needs seem to be most in line with your budget and expectations. Remember, you are not obligated to purchase everything on the wish list. We hope to provide at least two gifts for each person. You are welcome to provide more if you wish. 7. When and where should I deliver gifts? We will be accepting gifts December 4 - December 9during designated drop off times at our Vista Campus. We will also be hosting our annual "Donation Drop-off Party" this year.More information and details to come. 8. How should the items be delivered? Should we wrap the gifts? Some families love the surprise of wrapped presents for all, while some would prefer to wrap the gifts themselves. We typically see this with parents who would like to feel part of the holiday tradition of wrapping gifts for their kids. There is a section in the wishlist that lets donors know what the families prefer. We ask that you deliver your gifts in large bins, boxes, or bags so we can ensure your items stay together. Most importantly: make sure the recipient’s name and family code are clearly labeled on ALL gifts. Once all of your gifts are labeled and placed in boxes/bins/ bags, please label the container with the family code and list of how many boxes you have for the family. For example if there are 3 total boxes: Box 1 of 3, Box 2 of 3, Box 3 of 3, etc. *see samples below. If you have more than one family, please use separate boxes for each family. *if you include Gift Cards, please make sure they are activated at time of drop off. To ensure they do not get lost, please put them in one envelope, clearly labeled with the intended recipient, and write the family code on the envelope.* 9. Will I get a chance to meet thefamily I adopt? Due to the nature of services Lifeline provides and in order to best respect their confidentiality, we do not allow donors to meet the family(ies) and will not provide donors with more than first names of family members. 10. Can I adopt multiple families? Yes, you can adopt as many families as you wish as long as you can provide the same level of commitment to each family. We also encourage donors with larger budgets to adopt larger famlies (6+) as those are typically the hardest/last to be adopted. 11. What if I can’t follow through with my adoption? If you are unable to follow through with your adoption, please contact us immediately, do not wait. We will need to make other arrangements for the family. 12. I can’t adopt a family, but I still want to donate and/or volunteer my time. How can I help? Gift cards of any denomination and stores are used to support a family who either hasn’t been adopted, or who needs a little extra support. The most requested stores include: Food4Less, Stater Bros, Albertsons, and any gas station. Throughout the first 2 weeks of December, we need dozens of volunteers! Contact us if you would like to volunteer—bring family, friends, co-workers, the more the merrier! Email us at volunteer@nclifeline.org 13. Is my donation tax deductible? Adopt-A-Family gifts and donations can be tax-deductible. You will receive a thank you letter in January describing your participation in the program; only gift cards or cash donations will be given their corresponding dollar value in the letter. Keep your receipts as backup for in-kind donations so you can attach those to the letter for tax purposes. Our tax ID Number is 95-2794253. Have a question that wasn’t answered here? Email give@nclifeline.org or contact 760-842-6254.

Sep 20, 2023

CEO Don Stump featured on Velocity Vista Chamber Podcast

Episode 2 - Don Stump, Lifeline Community Services CEO Tune in to recent Velocity podcast by Vista Chamber featuring our CEO Don Stump. Don Stumpis a lifelong helper. After growing up in Texas and attending school in Boston, an internship with a juvenile court diversion program changed the course of his life, leading him to a career in non-profit leadership. After 30 years as a non-profit leader, and sixteen as CEO for Lifeline Community Services, Don is now preparing to retire. As Lifeline celebrates 50 years on community impact, the organization readies for the next generation of leadership. Join Rachel for a conversation about non-profit leadership, the importance of helpers, and what's next for Lifeline. Listen on the Chamber's website– Velocity - Vista Chamber Podcast - Vista Chamber of Commerce YouTube- Season 3, Ep 2 - Don Stump - CEO, Lifeline Community Services - YouTube Spotify Audio & Video- https://open.spotify.com/episode/5go4v5Wl2fhANAlxjItuH7?si=90970b4e14c3434e Apple Podcast (audio only): https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/don-stump-ceo-lifeline-community-services/id1585920479?i=1000628542615 Snippets Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16UotTGrgXy0OMybMk-m_-WZw297ypgRJ?usp=sharing

Jul 05, 2023

April & the Funk Junkies Benefit Concert in Solana Beach

Belly Up Happy HourConcertto Benefit Lifeline Community Services Please join us on Friday, July 28, 2023, for a Happy HourConcertwith local north county band April and the Funk Junkies. The event will take place from 530-745 pm at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach. Tickets are only $8, and $2 from every ticket sold will go directly to Lifeline. This is an easy, fun way to raise money for Lifeline; all you need to do is buy a ticket! Bring your friends! (21+ ages and up). Buy Tickets Online Here! April and the Funk Junkies play all the tunes you love to dance to from the 60s to today - not just Funk, just also Rock, Pop, Country, Disco, and more! For more info, visitwww.aprilandthefunkjunkies.com, orwww.facebook.com/aprilandthefunkjunkies