• Jaime Gonzales Vallejo

    Upstream Manufacturing Supervisor, Genentech

    Jaime Gonzales Vallejo, Lifeline Board Member, brings a profound commitment to community service and a genuine passion for uplifting others. Raised in Oceanside, he attended El Camino High School before earning a BS in Chemical Engineering from UCSB in 2015. Currently serving as an Upstream Manufacturing Supervisor at Genentech, Jaime not only excels professionally but actively contributes to mentoring and supporting college-bound and graduate clients.

    During his time on Lifeline's board, Jaime is valued not only for his leadership on the Development Committee but also as a long-time Lifeline volunteer. His unique perspective, rooted in his upbringing near Lifeline's Club Crown Heights program site, enables him to empathize with the challenges faced by the youth. Jaime's kindness and support extend beyond boardroom duties, as he encourages young clients to dream big, emphasizing the transformative potential of Lifeline's services.

    In his spare time, Jaime indulges in film photography, tends to his garden, and enjoys specialty coffee. Jaime Gonzales Vallejo's commitment to community betterment, his dual role as a long-time volunteer and board member, and his role as a benevolent leader make him an integral part of Lifeline's mission to create positive impacts for future generations.

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