• Barbara Levine

    Math and Statistics Teacher Biomedical Engineer

    When you meet Barbara Levine you will notice her passion and focused approach to life and work.  She is our newest Board Director and is excited to be a part of Lifeline Community Services.  Barbara has strong organizational, analytical and teaching skills that allows her to impact the great work we do and, in her words, be a part of Lifeline’s “wonderful and worthwhile mission.” 
    Barbara serves on our Development Committee and has particular interest in our Club Crown Heights and Youth Development programs. This is understandable since she truly loves working with youth and enjoys helping them find their enthusiasm for learning. 
    This focus on youth is also evident in her background. Barbara holds a Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering, has taught and tutored Math and Statistics for over 30 years, and raised three kids who are mostly launched. Barbara says, “Helping my kids become independent has allowed me to realize just how much assistance it takes to become truly independent.” 
    Barbara also has a strong interest in Housing and Stability services because of the critical necessity to help youth and families become self-reliant. You can understand this easily as one of the events in Barbara’s life that became a “driving force” behind her wanting to help those in need during difficult transition times is when she lost her home in the 2007 wildfires.  This helped her fully understand how difficult it is to rebuild from the ground up and how the community is so important in a time of loss. She  actively participated in a fire support group and learned from her personal experience and that of other fire survivors  how much stress effects those going through a loss. 

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