Strive for Success Gang Prevention Program



According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, factors that contribute to the risk of youth joining a gang include: living in an area with gang activity; family involvement in gangs or violence; unsupervised and unstructured free time; low self-esteem and hopelessness; and underlying mental health or behavioral disorders.


Lifeline’s Strive for Success program provides gang prevention and early intervention services to youth who are at risk for gang involvement or who are already beginning to associate with gangs. The program also engages the youth’s parents and family members to address the underlying causes of negative behavior that increase risk factors.

Program Services

Lifeline’s Strive for Success program utilizes trauma-informed and evidence-based practices to deliver prevention services that eliminate barriers and behaviors that can lead to gang involvement, including:
  • Case Management Services that build individualized plans designed to address the unique issues confronting each youth and their family.
  • Access to Services that connects youth and their families to services offered through government agencies, Lifeline’s Behavioral Health programs, and an extensive network of partner providers.
  • Group Services that include gender-specific and age appropriate prevention activities that aim to deter youth from a range of negative behaviors.
  • Gang Prevention Workshops that feature guest speakers from law enforcement, school districts, the North County Gang Commission, and individuals who have personal experiences with gangs.
  • Mentoring and Counseling that provide one-on-one intensive sessions in a private setting to work on personal issues that participants may be struggling with, including additional services for youth who are at greater risk for gang involvement.
  • Field Trips and Family Outings that offer youth and their families an opportunity to build family bonds, and provide relief from daily routines that they may otherwise be unable to afford.
Who We Help
Lifeline’s Strive for Success program serves youth ages 10-17 and their families.


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Our Impact
Lifeline introduced the Strive for Success program in 2019. The goals of the program include serving a minimum of 64 at-risk youth this year with the following outcomes:
  • 90% of youth will demonstrate increased knowledge about the consequences/impact of gang involvement and strategies for avoiding/disengaging from gang affiliation.
  • 80% of youth will demonstrate an increase in protective factors, and a decrease in risk factors based on individual assessments.
  • 70% of youth will remain free of contact with law enforcement during participation in the program and at six months following program completion.

How You Can Help

Your support can make it possible for youth participating in Lifeline’s Strive for Success by donating a wide variety of gift cards such as: Amazon, Walmart, Target, Uber, Lyft, and local grocery stores.